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3 Legged Thing

A tripod is one of the most important parts of my kit and it is essential to use a good sturdy one that will keep my camera steady when doing long exposures, I shoot in very dark situations so it is crucial that my camera has a strong base to capture exposures with no blur and so  I use a  3 Legged Thing for my work.

As I’m always on the move, my tripod gets thrown around a lot, through windows, crawling over and under fences, poor Frank often gets a big beating when I take it out, but always remains strong and  great construction has ensured it stays working and never fails. I move around inside buildings a lot and often I am packing and unpacking my equipment away,  Winston is my choice to use as it supports the heavy weight of my Mamiya Leaf Credo 80 system and with only 3 leg sections, it is easy to put it up and down and with speed. Ive also used older models Brian, Frank and Steve.

It is very easy to carry around the buildings I photograph. I’ve used various brands of tripods and will never use another company again now I have used 3 Legged Thing, it’s a tripod that tick’s all the boxes and its reliability is next to none.

3 Legged Thing Winston

Tripod Weight
1.75kg / 3.86lbs
Minimum Height
170mm / 6.75″
Maximum Height
1850mm / 73″
Folded Length
600mm / 24″
Load Capacity
23° – 40kg / 88lb
55° – 25kg / 55lb
80° – 15kg / 33lb
Leg Tubing Diameter
29mm / 1.14″
Leg Sections
3 sections – (29, 26, & 23mm)
Leg Angles
23°, 55° & 80°
Column Sections
1 section – (26mm)
Leg Locking System

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