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Finding beauty in darkness, poetry and meaning in the forgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongst decay, my artworks breathe life into forgotten historical locations, they reawaken old narratives, find beauty and meaning in their ruin and revive the memories of lost moments in places tainted by the indigenous.

Unseen to the ordinary public who pass their boarded windows and fenced walls, no trespass signs refrain communities from seeing the hidden world within, slowly being claimed back by nature unseen. I find entry to these mystical places hidden to the world and sensitively captures them as a beautiful record, as they deserve to be recorded for posterity too, before they are lost as time rolls inexorably on. I capture the stories and characteristics through carefully composed images, to include the romanticism and memories of the ruins.

In reality these places will cease to exist very soon and as the memories fade, they will be forgotten and although derelict places have no appeal as tourist destinations, their value and place in cultural memory is fundamental to the history of the 20th century. My works also add elements of the surreal and mythology through my Underworld series, these works further take you down the rabbit hole into a world of dreams and the haunting, shadowy passing of time.

I have been a professional photographer since 2006, straight out of my Graphic Design degree,  I landed a full time job at a photography studio, where I worked until 2010, during this time I found a love in photographing models in my spare time and doing personal creative shoots, I studied for a year at The London College of Fashion doing a masters degree in Fashion Photography and on graduating at the beginning of 2010 I quit my studio job and became a freelance photographer as a fashion photographer. But it was in 2012 that I found my true calling and started capturing the beauty in decay, using both models and not. Photography is the only job I have had in life, I live and breathe it, it is my true passion and something I will not go one moment without thinking about till the day I die.

Between 2015 & 2018 I will be working on 3 photography series that will all result in, ‘Dark Tourism – The Beauty of Death’ which will run beside my PHD, ‘The Underworld’, which I will be photographing models in abandoned buildings and ‘Orphans of Time’ photographing decay with a secret twist which will be revealed in a published book. All will be shot using a Mamiya Leaf Credo 80 system.

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    Dear Rebecca, great stuff you’ve found and great photos.
    I’m presently working on a project that could entail joining forces with your discoveries. Here’s a brief account of the idea: the idea refers to the failed monuments of civilisation, i.e. buildings and complexes that were planned as architectural or engineering achievements but went wrong along the way – I call them ugly icons. There are literally thousands of examples all over the world that are being tabooed and left to crumble – a kind of World Heritage not on the radar of the UNESCO. The project is called

    The idea of uglypedia is NOT just to display ugly icons. As a first step we want to collect as many ugly icons globally via the user community (crowdsourcing). The second step is to evaluate the material in order to classify them as failed MONUMENTS of civilisation; thus we’ll get rid of the chaff. The third step and main cultural purpose however is to coax locals to follow the successful examples of transforming an ugly icon into something useful, creative, meaningful. We are also thinking of launching a low budget model of architectural competitions which could generate ideas anywhere on the planet of how to transform this or the other ugly icon. Local decision makers could tap into this material and decide which project idea to choose.

    In other words, uglypedia will not be duplicating the sites doing a bit of archtectural „porn“ for the voyeur community. We want to break the taboo of failed achievements and point out the possibilities of doing something about them. In a way it would follow the global trend of recycling things that a few years back were considered „rubbish”.

    Let me know whether we can use your photos and what your conditions of copyright would be.
    Thanks and best wishes!

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