Dark Tourism – Bulgaria Cyrillic Skull Crypt

Dark Tourism – Bulgaria Cyrillic Skull Crypt

Now I’m not one for superstitions, spells and curses but when we paid a quick visit into this crypt aside a Bulgarian monastery, Nicola, Jonathan and Danny all looked at me with discern when I moved a couple of the skulls to take a photo of them in the light. They warned me that I would become cursed, I laughed, but later I was told these were the skulls of monks.


I have a huge attraction to skulls, I think they are beautiful things, like a pretty sea creatures shell, skulls are a human shell, the one thing that when all else has rotted away and claimed back by nature it is that which distinguishes as human and I find them a think of beauty. Each of these skulls had inscriptions “ези косте ся на Иванка сопруга на Деня тютюнжията. отъ В.Т. махаля св. Никола. Починала въ 1889г. 11. авгастъ.” “These bones belong to Ivanka. Wife of Denial the grower of tabbaco. From Veliko Turnovo, Saint Nikola neighborhood, died in 1889, 11th of August” On the box It says “Тукъ почиватъ” which means “Here rests”.


Later that day we visited a Soviet Monument, on climbing out of a raised window, Jonathan went head of heels and face planted the floor, hitting his head on the cold marble floor beneath, luckily he was ok, but we couldn’t help looking at each other an wondering if the monks skull curse had started and slowly we would all end up in a crypt like them.


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