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Dark Tourism Book – Coming 2017

I have been commissioned by Carpet Bombing Culture to make the first ever book on Dark Tourism Photography, it will be entitled ‘Dark Tourism – The Beauty of Death’ and will take 3 years to complete, I will visit over 200 sites across 30 countries and there will be around 40,000 words to accompany the photos. It is a huge ambitious project, but an incredibly exciting one.


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  1. 1
    Johnny Dare

    Sounds incredible, I’m excited to see the sites you choose and view the images. I hope you get to
    the Sedlec Ossuary outside Prague, it’s it’s beautiful and sobering in it’s truth. Safe travels..

  2. 3
    Gabriella Coruzzi

    I came across your marvellous photographs this morning, by chance, looking at an italian newspaper (Il Corriere della Sera). I was extremely shocked by the beauty of the images and by the choice of the topic. Since I was a child I was fascinated and terrified by death and mistery. When I travel, I like to take pictures of abandoned factories, dried trees and so on (poor results, of course), just to explain why I’ve been so moved by your work.
    Certainly, I’ll buy all your books available.I am very happy to have read the italian news paper. Congratulations!!!

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