Dark Tourism – UK Morgue

Dark Tourism – UK Morgue

Getting into this abandoned morgue was a bit of a squeeze, but once inside I was faced with the dank, dull smell of decay which hit me the moment I walked in, with lots of water damage and the huge onset of decay, this already depressing place was enhanced. the feeling of lose, depression and a chill so cold it chilled you in the bone.


‘We will all end up in a place like this in the end’ I exclaimed to Emerson as we both including Wojtek explored the morgue. We were confronted by three cold steel slabs in a room, dripping rain came through the ceiling, almost in a melody of sound. There was a strong smell of decay inside and as green light poured through the only window, it felt stiffing, but truly awoke all the senses, which is weird because most who end up here, had lost all theres. I felt strangely calm, its funny how its places like this that move me the most. Mainly because seeing thing like this is the stuff of dreams, its just not normal in anyway. A reminder that at the end is death and so we have to make the most of everything in between.


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