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Foto Speed

The final outcome for my art work is in print and so choosing a printer was an important decision. I choose to use Fotospeed to print my work, with their biggest printer I can print up to 75 x 56 inches. I choose they beautiful Platinum Etching 285gsm paper as it lends itself to the photography I do, with a texture like watercolour paper and I print with 2 inch borders and sign and number each limited edition.

‘Inspired by image makers around the world, Fotospeed began life manufacturing quality darkroom chemistry and specialist fine art printmaking processes.
With 35 years of technical experience and as the world of traditional darkroom made way for the digital revolution, Fotospeed utilised its wealth of expertise and understanding of image making to engineer and develop a comprehensive range of exceptional digital inkjet papers, inks and accessories. With a respected reputation for quality and service, Fotospeed is now an established distribution company for worldwide market leading brands such as Hahnemuhle Fine Art Papers, Kaiser Photographic equipment, Herma Adhesives and Canson Infinity Papers. Whatever your photographic requirements, let our passion for image making provide the solution.’  – Fotospeed

I meet Toby and John from Fotospeed at The Photography Show in march 2014 and my relationship has grown with them and I know I can trust them to print my work to the quality it deserves.

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