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For my Underworld series I have been using Lowel continuous lighting to add drama and a film like quality to my shots

Lowel GL-1 Hotlight

“A completely portable focusing LED light, with powerful tungsten color output. Lets you light quickly & effectively on the go. Its 5:1 focus range lets you zero in, to highlight your subject with a tight spot, or pull out to wide flood and add fill-light to a larger area. Use the adjustable Dimming Trigger to quickly get the perfect light level for short term handheld use. Lock the light ON and dial in an intensity for longer term constant output at any level. Perfect for mounted use or time lapse Light Painting.”

Lowel ID Light

“The focusable, i-light & id-lights are great DC powered location choices. They’re very popular with wedding & event shooters. They use rugged long-life lamps, & the accessories of the Pro-light. They provide essential key or fill light, eye-light, and contrast control in news and documentary shooting, without overwhelming available light. Choose the dimmable id-light or the non-dimmable i-light, both fitted with a high intensity reflector & Prismatic Glass to give an even flood & uniform spot, and a full range of light control & mounting accessories to bring convenience & dependability to places where AC dares not go.”

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