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The bags I use to carry my equipment are from Lowepro, a camera bag is an essential bit of kit as ensuring your camera and lighting equipment is safe is of greatest importance, I use a selection of bags for varying jobs and know I can trust them to get my equipment to where it needs to be in one piece.

The main bags I currently use are:

Lowepro Flipside 200

Which is perfect for just going out with my camera and one lens, it is perfect for when I will be spending many hours carrying it around abandoned buildings, its size means I can easily get it into small holes and under and over fences when I need to. There are nifty pockets on the outside to hold water, an umbrella and my torch attaches to on of the straps, the design of the bag also means I can swing it around while still wearing it to access my kit, this is the bag I generally take out on one day trips around the UK or when the size of a bag can be a problem.


Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

This is the Lowepro Flip sides older brother and has a lot more room, it has all the same features as well as a lot more room and an all weather cover, its my favourite bag as the pockets mean I can carry clothing, food, first aid and more space in the bag means I can take more lenses and other bits like extra batteries. Again the twist round feature is amazing, having access to your equipment without it having to touch the floor is amazing. It also has a hope to attach my torch on the shoulder strap and a tripod holder for keeping my hands free and is also the right size to take on as hand luggage on flights. When recommending a bag I will say this one again and again as it is a great all rounder that suits many situations.

Lowepro Rover 45L AW

I take this rucksack style bag on longer trips abroad, when I need to pack other things as well as my camera, for example when I was travelling round Poland and Bulgaria in deep snow I could fill it with warm clothes and other equipment, sometimes I need rope ladders and this bag can fit so much in, Ive also used the extra space on model shoot to pack clothes and props for the model. With front access to camera compartments inside it is very easy to access your equipment, surprisingly if not packed to full it also goes through as hand luggage on most flights.


Lowepro Pro Roller 100 AW

This roller is perfect for taking on as hand luggage and keeping your equipment safe in over head lockers, it is also great for fitting a lot of camera equipment in and because you can pull it along on wheels it takes the weight off your back, the inside section also come away so you can use it as a backpack for when you are unable to carry it on uneven surfaces. It has space for a laptop and the front pockets are great for putting flight documents for easy access.

Lowepro Pro Roller 300 AW

This quite simply is hands down THE best bag for carrying my lighting equipment, you can fit a whole lighting kit with stands and my tripod inside and the fact it rolls means I can take it abroad with ease, there is a locking system to stop thieves when the bag goes in the hold on a plane. The inner section can be removed for when navigating over harder terrain and can be used as a backpack.



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