Review – Jaffa Market, Tel Aviv – Mamiya Leaf Equipment

On the last day of my trip to Israel as part of Kinetis/ Vibe Israel we had the opportunity to visit a vibrant and cultural market in Jaffa and were very lucky to be given some incredible Mamiya Leaf equipment to use. We venture round the market guided by Oded Wagenstein, part of Phototeva, a company who gives tours all around the world to budding photographers. We even learnt a few worlds so we could as the people in the market if we could take their photo.

Using the Leaf equipment was like a dream, it was very simple to use and the touch screen back made it very easy to change the settings. Looking at the back of the camera I was already blown away by the beautiful exposures captured that day. It wasnt until I got home and pulled up the images in Capture One Pro that I realised the true quality of what I had created. I’ve never seen a file size so big and full of detail. Retouching the images was an absolute dream. Every hair & wrinkle had been captured in wonderful glory. The quality of medium format exceeded my expectations, I feel very lucky to have tried it out and hope one day I will get the opportunity to sue it myself.

With thanks to

Film: Karen Eng

Mamiya Equipment : Stephen Epstein & Leon Goldsmith

Phototeva: Oded Wagenstein

Assitant on the day/ Behind the Scenes: Or Kaplan

Kinetis: Vibe Isreal & Adi Kaplan







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