Soviet Ghosts – Went Viral

Soviet Ghosts – Went Viral

Its been two and a half months since the release of my book and its been a very exciting launch, as my first book I am over the moon at the success of Soviet Ghosts and how well it has been received.Going viral all over the internet, it has now been featured over 70 times that I know of and the attention isn’t fading, I get requests everyday to feature the book, to name a few so far…

Guardian, Independent, Boing Boing, Viral Nova, Huh Magazine, Huffington Post Japan, Juxtapoz Magazine, Viral Spell, Mental Floss, Co.Design, Kyiv Post, CT Cantina, Gavin Lewis, Trendhunter , Ian the Architect, Beautiful Decay, Shortlist, Daily Mail, Photo Professional, The Flaneur, ePhotozine, We Heart, Huffington Post UK, Buzzfeed, DIY Photography, Buzzfeed, The Calvert Foundation, Applies Arts Magazine, Cluster Magazine , Weeder, Wired, Photography Blogger, Deezen, Ikea Decorating Ideas, Decor 10. Media fax, De Volkskrant, Britains Got Photo Talent, Huffington Post UK. News Talk Radio, Baumeister, I-Ref Magazine,,, Digital Camera News, Lowdown Magazine, Atlas obscure, Thought catalogue, MSN News,, Distractify, Weather Channel, PETA Pixel, Ryot , Visual News, Inspiration Grid, LCF alumni , The Photo Brigade, Twisted Sifter, The Coolest, Gizmodo, Fisheye.
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    Guido Ratti

    Nice job! After it went viral I looked if I could buy it but no luck cause book aint out in my country yet (I´m talking of Brazil)…. so how about a Kindle Edition? I´m sure you don´t want to see your work distribute for free (I´m against freebies btw, good work should always be paid) but selling in Amazon would increase your reach exponentially, w/o mention that with HD screens and ability to zoom in, I think your book would be a awesome experience.


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