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Soviet Ghosts Book – Published 2014

Early in 2013 I was commissioned by Carpet Bombing Culture to photograph the abandoned buildings of the former Soviet Union and its Satellite states. I travelled to 10 countries in Eastern Europe, The Baltic’s, Ukraine and of course Russia to capture what is left from the collapse of the Soviet Union such as forgotten towns, factories, prisons, schools, monuments, hospitals, theatres, military complexes, asylums & death camps across the former communist countries and occupied satellite states. I even came across a Soviet submarine in the UK.

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My aim with the book was to capture the crumbling empire of the former Soviet Union, before it is gone completely. The title Soviet Ghost comes from the ghosts and stories that are left behind after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The former USSR was once a living, breathing place, but with the fall of a Communism, places now lie’s derelict, uninhabited, broken shells of a forgotten time. The collapse of the Soviet Union left haunting memories of ordinary people who once lived and worked there.

Whilst some may look at the decay in these places as simply reflecting the destruction of the Soviet Union and the moral bankruptcy of a flawed ideological system. In reality they will cease to exist very soon and as the memories fade, these places and the communities who once gave life will be forgotten and deserve to be recorded for posterity too.

It went viral all over the internet and has now been featured over 70 times including:

Guardian, Independent, Boing Boing, Viral Nova, Huh Magazine, Huffington Post Japan, Juxtapoz Magazine, Viral Spell, Mental Floss, Co.Design, Kyiv Post, CT Cantina, Gavin Lewis, Trendhunter , Ian the Architect, Beautiful Decay, Shortlist, Daily Mail, Photo Professional, The Flaneur, ePhotozine, We Heart, Huffington Post UK, Buzzfeed, DIY Photography, Buzzfeed, The Calvert Foundation, Applies Arts Magazine, Cluster Magazine, Weeder, Wired, Photography Blogger, Deezen, Ikea Decorating Ideas, Decor 10. Media fax, De Volkskrant, Britains Got Photo Talent, Huffington Post UK. News Talk Radio, Baumeister, I-Ref Magazine,,, Digital Camera News, Lowdown Magazine, Atlas obscure, Thought catalogue, MSN News, Distractify, Weather Channel, PETA Pixel, Ryot , Visual News, Inspiration Grid, LCF alumni , The Photo Brigade, Twisted Sifter, The Coolest, Gizmodo and Fisheye.

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