The Underworld – Distant Lands

The Underworld – Distant Lands

Day two of our trip to Bulgaria, within a night it went from a tiny dusting of snow on the peak of the mountain to a whole foot of snow. We awoke to a beautiful cold white landscape which was absolutely beautiful.


Half of us got into the 4×4 and made our way to the peak. With a km still left to walk to the Buzluzdha monument that was right at the top we proceeded to hike in knee deep snow carrying cameras bags and costumes and lights. It was a test of endurance, by now rain had begun and it drenched us in cold winds from all sides, finally out of breathe we made it inside. But it wasnt a relief, there were still howling winds inside and rain poured from the falling apart roof. A few times lightening clapped and part of the ceiling fell to the ground.


The poor model Dorina faced a freezing couple fo hours to continue with the photo shoot. She was truly amazing as myself and Nicola got her into the stunning costimes of Agnieszka Osipa, I set up my light and shot it as quickly as humanley possible. I had help from the others at all stages to help it go as quickly as possible. After the shot, we wrapped her in as many blankets as possible. Tired, cold and drenched we made our way back down the mountain, the rain finally stopped and when we reached the 4×4 we decided to try to fit all 10 of us inside, with some of the guys hanging out the doors and others on the bumper, we drove slowly back to our hostel to warm up. It was the hardest shoot I have done to date for my Underworld series, but completely worth it.


Buzludha is a former communist monument at 1441 metres high. The monument was built in 1981 but has fallen into disrepair and is no longer looked after by the Bulgarian government.

CF005074.jpg CF005083.jpg CF005194.jpg-05

Photographer: Rebecca Litchfield
Model: Dorina Georgieva
Designer: Agnieszka Osipa Costumes
Assitants: Nicola Miller, Jonathan Taylor Brittunculi., Ivan Tconev, Darren Smith, Richie Gowen, Daniel Lister, James Kerwin. Adam.
Location” Buzludzha, Bulgaria

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Shot with Mamiya 645DF+ Body & Leaf Credo 80 Digital Back, Schneider Kreuznach 28mm f5.7 LS Lens

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    Bewitching Photographs Of Bulgaria’s Underworld | A multi-disciplined Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Bristol with a passion for technology and digital design

    […] TAXI Daily News 27/04/2015 0 Shares Share 0 Design No Comments Previously, we featured Rebecca Litchfield’s haunting images of ruins from the former Soviet Union from her book Soviet Ghosts. This year, the British fine art photographer began working on a new book titled Underworld, scheduled for completion in 2018 with a limited thousand copies for sale. The book focuses on themes such as desertion, deterioration, beauty, suffering and enchantment. Litchfield recently published images from her visit to Bulgaria on her blog. The journey involved trudging a kilometer through knee-deep snow from the team’s vehicle to the deserted Buzludzha monument, located at the peak of the Central Balkan Mountains. Strong winds and wet weather did not make the undertaking any easier. Although Litchfield considered this the toughest shoot in the series to date, the photographer and her team managed to brave the harsh weather to produce the captivating images below. You can find out more about this series from Litchfield’s blog. [via DIY Photography, images via Rebecca Litchfield] […]

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