Urban Exploring – Germany Dr Anna’s House

Urban Exploring – Germany Dr Anna’s House

An abandoned doctors house in Germany, I visited with Danny, Voytek and Nik, we found a whole variety of horrific containers full of body parts, lungs, kidneys, eyeballs. So strange that they have just been left. the large house was used as a doctors surgery, but was also lived in by him and his wife. I believe that his wife Anna lived to 100 and may even still be alive in a care home, leaving the house abandoned. There was plenty to explore inside from the macabre surgery rooms, full of specimens in jars, scary looking surgery chairs with instruments all strewn across the room. Upstairs there was a piano room and on another level a beautiful bedroom with a massive bed fit for a queen and the ladies clothes still all around the place. Downstairs there was a library and chair where the doctor and his wife would probably relax after a long day cutting people open. I have to say this is one of my more favourite explore, always drawn to things of a dark nature it was fascinating for me to see what was left behind of this place.








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