Urban Exploring – Germany Krampnitz

Urban Exploring – Germany Krampnitz

Myself, Micahel, Danny and Ian fought through the woods and swarms of mosquitos to make it to this ex army base. Krampnitz was constructed in 1937, and used by the Germans as an elite riding & driving school. Soon after the cavalry school moved here from Hanover, and the estate would go on to produce some of Germany’s best post-war equine judges and riders.

During the late 1930s the site would be commandeered by the military and extended to incorporate over 50 buildings, including military barracks. Then, following the end of World War II, the site was occupied by the Soviet 35th Guards Motor Rifle Division; they continued to use Krampnitz as a military base and training site up until their departure in 1992, and the site has remained unoccupied since that time.





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