Urban Exploring – Luxembourg Maison Kirsche

Urban Exploring – Luxembourg Maison Kirsche

I first visited this house in Luxembourg in 2012 with Voytek and James and return late 2104 with Darren, Dursty and Nick, the amount of things left inside was incredible, it felt like the old man had never left the house. His slippers still under the bed, love letters still in the draws. In the loft a rusting bike and cobwebs strewn across the furniture, we spent ages in here, often I would just stand breathing in the cold, eerie atmosphere of memories lost.







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    Tina Hyatt

    This is really how you found all of these rooms?? How bizarre.. and fascinating… all the everyday items left where they were last used… like they’d just stepped out… quite a deep thought if you ponder on it for a bit… amazing from a historical standpoint also.. a real-life, 3D snapshot of life in another time… but then I’ve always been the museum type.. this place is like a museum unto itself.. I wonder what the story was behind the owners.. perhaps, they had to leave in the midst of war or conflict… fascinating..

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